about restaurant

Seven well-decorated Chinese and Western restaurants and bars with over 2,300 seats, serving canton food, western food and verious beverage. In addition, McDonald’s Restaurant, Starbucks and Hapyakuzen Japanese Restaurant inside the hotel.

  • The Fortune Palace

    The banquet hall on the 2F of the Fortune Palace has a capacity of 45 tables, a large LED background screen, and profes…

    Reservation Tel.:020-84822127转75102

  • Li Yuan Hall

    The Li Yuan Hall is also called the Tea Palace.

    Reservation Tel.:0086-20-84822127转75102

  • Yi Yuan Hall

    The Yi Yuan Hall has 19 dinning rooms in total.

    Reservation Tel.:0086-20-84822127转75102

    Opening Hours:
    • 08:00am~15:00pm;17:00pm~21:30pm
  • Fu Li Palace

    The Fu Li Palace Restaurant is a mini multi-function banqueting hall for 6 to 10 tables.

    Reservation Tel.:0086-20-84822127转75102

    Opening Hours:Sat. & Sun.:08:00am~14:30pm;17:30pm~21:30pm

  • Pu Yuan Western Restaurant

    Pu Yuan Western Restaurant is suitable for Chinese-western buffet banquet and cocktail party. 18 hours room service for…

    Reservation Tel.:0086-20-84822127转75109

    Opening Hours:06:30am~23:00pm

  • McDonald's

    24 hours service

    Reservation Tel.:0086-20-84816221

    Opening Hours:24 hours

  • Starbucks Coffee

    The Starbucks Coffee is the first shop in Panyu with beautiful hotel garden views and comfortable environment.

    Reservation Tel.:0086-20-84832533

    Opening Hours:07:00~23:00

  • Mini Bar

    The Mini Bar serveing various wines, beverage and snacks.

    Reservation Tel.:0086-20-84822127转75109

    Opening Hours:21:30~01:00